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  • Hotel room in Syty Holliday Kiev, made of Art NIKO furniture
    You – architect of the beautyin your home
  • Solid oak bed double Athena - white backrest
    We have created furniturefor your unique interior
  • Knyazhna bedroom made of natural oak - double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table
    Thought out all the little thingsand details
  • Bedroom Sofia, made of solid wood - double bed, bedside tables
    Used the warmthof natural wood
  • Bedroom set Karina, tinted in black Wenge - double bed, wardrobe, bedside tables, chest of drawers
    We fill the housewith beauty and comfort
  • Hotel room in City Holliday Kiev, the furniture of which is made by Art-NIKO - a dressing table with a minibar, a wooden chair with a soft back Orion, bedside tables with a drawer
    We create furniture for hotelswhere they feel at home
  • Solid wood Athena bedroom set, tinted white - double bed with soft back, bedside tables, dressing table with mirror, ottoman
    We use the luxury lifestyleright now!

Company ART-NIKO

25 years We create stylish furniture
for home and hotels
from natural materials

  • qualitatively
  • prestigiously
  • comfortably
Bedroom set Sofia from solid alder wood - double bed and two bedside tables

Furniture for bedrooms

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Helen double bed with bedside table, tinted white
Furniture for the dining room and living room manufactured by Art-NIKO

Furniture for the dining room, living room

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Hill Athena from the massif of an alder, tinted in white color
Hotel room, whose furniture is manufactured by Art-NIKO

Furniture for hotels

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Dressing table with minibar from a series of hotel furniture manufactured by Art-NIKO

The company ART-NIKO
creates unique models for your living space

Our product is designed for high demanding customers

All our products begin with close attention to the choice of materials. That is why we prefer natural wood.

The main advantages of the products of the Art-NIKO factory are structural reliability, durability, a high level of comfort and an original design.

Ability to decorate products in various colors, the selection of the best fabrics and the addition of original accessories allows you to give an individual style to any interior, emphasize its respectability.

The result of the work of our masters, who love their art, is jewelry accuracy of details, aristocratic interpretation of forms.

The eternal beauty and charm of your home is inspired by luxurious style decisions of past centuries and enriched by the laconicism of modernity.

We offer furniture for home and hotels from natural materials.

Style, design, dimensions and colors of the products are very diverse - the choice is yours!

7 reasons why we are trusted


Thousand precious parts

We bring every detail to the “perfect” state. A good interior consists of thousands of little things and details, painstakingly adjusted to each other. They define comfort and take care of the beauty and quality of your life. Good design is invisible, like an English servant, but always aesthetic, inventive and comfortable.


You architect your beauty in your home!

We fill in your home with perfect comfort.

The world of business people, professional interests and clear schedules ceases to exist on the threshold of YOUR HOME. Unique author's developments and exclusive solutions of Art-NIKO furniture help to create a beautiful and harmonious interior, emphasize the respectability of its owner, and give a good rest and aesthetic pleasure.


Inspiration and Perfection

You deserve the rest, we, the trust.

More than 20 years of successful experience confirms that the furniture created for you gives the best rest and helps in creating the most important moments in the life of every person, directs happiness and success to the priorities. Caring for your home creates love and harmony in the family. In addition, the house itself is filled with comfort, sophistication and modest charm with a soul.


Generational Style

We set the highest strip for standards. The invariable style, elegance, charisma and delicate taste are the real character of Art-NIKO furniture. Quality checked by customers. The reliability and longevity of our products ensures the perfect furniture service for their owners from generation to generation.


Technology excellence

We keep track of the latest design and technology trends. You need to be one-step ahead and, at the same time, rely on proven quality and artisanship in order to look confidently into the future. 3000 m² of modern production, high-quality equipment, innovative technologies and the use of successful experience of world industry leaders ensure the quality of each product.


Professionalism in details

We rely on the many years of experience and professionalism of our masters. Their knowledge of modern equipment and the possession of constructive skills ensure that the products comply with European standards, and the deep specialization and craftsmanship of cabinet makers, skillful handling of delicate materials give rise to expensive chic, emphasized scrupulousness of details, balance and grace of finished products.


Made with love

We love and value the tree. And you are guaranteed a good rest according to the laws of nature. After all, we create furniture not only taking into account the ergonomic features of man, but also use the precious gift of nature - natural wood. A valuable, environmentally friendly material that gives the attributes of the interior the coherence of the internal desire for nature and the perfection of the external space.

Furniture for bedrooms and hotels from the furniture factory Art-NIKO

Furniture factory "Art-NIKO" (Kharkov) presents to your attention products of its own manufacture for residential premises (including for hotels, hotels, residential buildings, recreation centers, boarding houses), - furniture for bedrooms (beds, wardrobes, dressers, bedside tables, dressing tables). The operational properties of the bedrooms are confirmed by certificates in accordance with Ukrainian state standards.

The history of our furniture factory began long before the company with the name "Art-NIKO" was officially registered. Many partners are familiar with the furniture (bedrooms and kitchens) of our production for more than 20 years. At the same time, the original style remains unchanged (bedroom "Victoria", bedroom "Princess"), using natural materials (solid oak, ash and other hardwoods) use of various design solutions and good quality furniture.

Features of our furniture

Double bed Athena from solid oak - a soft back made by the furniture company Art-NIKO

For decoration of bedroom furniture, we use oak, ash and other hardwood. Veneer - environmentally friendly and natural materials that bring beauty, warmth and comfort to your home (hotel, boarding house).

The use of veneer allows the production of bedroom sets that are not susceptible to deformations and cracks, so characteristic of solid wood. But furniture varnishes are of decisive importance: the resistance, color and durability of the coating depend on their quality and strength. Furniture varnishes can be glossy and matte. The most modern and fashionable, to date, varnishing of furniture - according to the technology of "open pores". Firstly, it gives the surface a natural look (this is very important - it emphasizes the environmental friendliness of the materials used by furniture factories). Secondly, it really allows living furniture material to “breathe”.

Our priorities as a furniture factory

Developing new models (the Victoria bedroom, the Victoria Gold bedroom), we strive to ensure that bedroom furniture harmoniously fits into the interior of any apartment (hotel, hostel). The furniture of our factory is convenient in use, durable, satisfies a variety of needs, aesthetic.

Mature style, functionality and comfort - this is the main desire of customers, which we strive to satisfy when designing bedrooms. Therefore, we, as a furniture factory, always listen to the wishes and suggestions of our consumers.

If you are interested in our bedroom furniture, you can easily find the Furniture Stores we work with or contact the Art-NIKO furniture factory directly (Contacts section), where they will be provided with all the necessary information.