Knyazhna — chest of drawers from solid oak, white enamel

KnyazhnaChest of drawers from solid oak

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Product Length Width Height
Chest of drawers 1000 485 850

Production material


Modern classics, in style of which the “Knyazhna” chest of drawers made is somewhat different from the works of ancient masters, but good quality and natural materials remain unchanged. Product is completely made of solid oak. Three full-sized drawers on reliable ball guides of full extension, plus one low drawer for small items, divided inside by a partition, create convenience for use. Decorative patina and handles with pebbles perfectly complement the overall look of bedroom furniture.

Tint colors

Tint color example White enamel
White enamel
Tint color example Enamel beige
Enamel beige
Tint color example Ivory
Tint color example Mahogany
Tint color example Dark alder
Dark alder
Tint color example Italian Walnut
Italian Walnut
Tint color example Dark walnut
Dark walnut
Tint color example Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate
Tint color example Wenge

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