Interior designers of apartments and houses

Дизайн-студия R-deco — фото

Дизайн-студия R-deco

Дизайн студия R-deco — ответственная команда дизайнеров, проектировщиков, фотографов и специалистов по подбору мебели, работающих под руководством основателя, д...


Частная строительная компания «ДеКо» — фото

Частная строительная компания «ДеКо»

В составе частной строительной компании «ДеКо» группа высококвалифицированных специалистов, превосходно разбирающихся в тонкостях ремонтных и строительных работ...


Студия дизайна Harchenko Design Studio — фото

Студия дизайна Harchenko Design Studio

Слаженный коллектив профессионалов под руководством инженера основателя студии Харченко Владимира Сергеевича создаёт стильные дизайн-проекты жилых и общественны...


Дизайнер мебели и интерьера Анна Сергеева — фото

Дизайнер мебели и интерьера Анна Сергеева

К Вашему вниманию полный комплекс услуг, охватывающий разработку и воплощение в жизнь динамичных идей по обустройству пространства любого типа и конфигураций.



Design project of an apartment or house - what is it?

Design project is a plan to transform space into an exclusive, functional, ergonomic home through the implementation of creative ideas and technical solutions based on the wishes of the client and the experience of the designer. It implies a comprehensive process of forming the interior, starting with the layout of the room, electrical systems, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning, finishing walls, floors, ceilings and ending with the arrangement of furniture, the selection of textiles and decor. Customer’s task is to voice their requirements and priorities, share their own ideas about cozy and comfortable home.

DESIGN heading on the black pencils background.

Having made the necessary measurements, the specialist proceeds to develop the concept of the design project, wrapping the idea in shape. Decided on the style and functional component, sketch of the future interior is created. Several simulated options are demonstrated using computer programs Autodesk 3ds Max, Sweet Home 3D, AutoCAD or ArchiCAD. It is important to understand that design - a project is not just a beautiful picture with well-arranged furniture and fashionable wallpapers, but a rational construction of a harmonious living environment that helps to improve our well-being.

What does an interior designer do?

Drawing of design project plan is an example.

There are many jokes on the topic of repairing an apartment, about how it lasts for years and it still will not end. This process is energy consuming. If you want to enjoy every moment of the transformation of your nest, then the interior designer is exactly the one you need. By delegating authority to a qualified professional, you will save your time, money and peace of mind. The designer knows everything about style, furniture, decor, material properties, finishing methods and modern repair technologies. He thinks outside the box and feels subtle, and therefore he always has some unique options for transforming your home. They will provide you with a measurement plan, prepare technical documentation and drawings with the arrangement of furniture with 3D visualization. Using the service "field supervision", you will receive a bonus in the form of full support of all stages of the implementation of the design project from creating sketches to the completion of the finished object. The designer undertakes to regularly visit the place of repair work in order to control and make timely adjustments. This will protect customers from future disappointments and possible imperfections, will contribute to meeting the agreed deadlines.

How to choose an interior designer?

There are two main ways to find a suitable interior designer: first is the recommendations of friends, relatives or acquaintances, second is access to the Internet. As for the reviews of the immediate environment, everything is much simpler: ask for a visit to evaluate the work of the designer, note the shortcomings of the repair for yourself, or, on the contrary, make sure that it is perfect. Ask relatives in detail about their experience of working with a particular designer, how much the real result corresponded to their expectations and initially agreed upon agreements. It may turn out that for someone this specialist turned out to be suitable, but for some reason he personally does not suit you.

Three designers around the table are discussing the project.

As for the effectiveness of research on web resources, then you will have to make a little more effort and time, but it's worth it. There are thematic online catalogs dedicated to interior design with a list of relevant specialists demonstrating their portfolios. To begin with, from a huge number of proposals, select candidates according to a simple principle: he lives in your city, has considerable experience, there are publications in magazines, and you like photos with his works. Next, conduct a comparative analysis of the prices and working conditions of several applicants. Contact them for more details. The greatest clarity, of course, will bring a personal meeting with different candidates. Evaluate their punctuality, qualifications and willingness to hear the opinion of the customer, that is, you.

How much does modern design project cost?

An example of the interior of a designer’s workplace- table with monitor and armchair.

Most common method for determining the cost of a design project is the price per square meter. Size of the room directly affects to the amount of work ahead and forms basic amount of payment, from which they repelled by further calculation. Depending on the complexity of the project and the conditions for its implementation, prices may increase. Newcomer’s freelancers in search of at least some clientele often dump, agreeing to a fee of $ 5 / m2, or even less. The average price range for the services of most qualified designers varies between $ 10-40 / m2. Works of eminent specialists developing elite projects estimated at $ 50-100 / m2 or more. You can choose from various service packages, we will call them conditionally - basic, standard or premium. Each of them has a tariff set based on the degree of involvement of the designer in the related processes. For example, the standard package involves the preparation of a full set of drawings with 3D visualization, and the basic one does not provide 3D modeling. The most expensive of all premium packages includes trips of the designer to the salons of furniture, light, decor and his full control over the progress of the construction.