Karina — double bed, wenge

KarinaDouble bed

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Product Length Width Height
1600 M 2200 1810 950
1600 PM 2200 1810 950
1800 M 2200 2010 950
1800 PM 2200 2010 950

Production material


Double bed
1600 M Metal carcass
1600 PM With the lifting mechanism
1800 M Metal carcass
1800 PM With the lifting mechanism


Double bed “Karina” is bold geometric shapes, generous ornaments and expensive natural materials. The art deco style as is — elegantly decorative and emphasized chic. The flowing lines of the Karina curved headboard made of veneered MDF are clearly outlined in the oak frame of the headboard and decorated with milled details. Massive body of the bed creates an unfounded feeling of strength and reliability of the structure. The bed is equipped with a metal frame with wooden slats on its own six metal legs.

Tint colors

Tint color example White enamel
White enamel
Tint color example Enamel beige
Enamel beige
Tint color example Ivory
Tint color example Mahogany
Tint color example Dark alder
Dark alder
Tint color example Italian Walnut
Italian Walnut
Tint color example Dark walnut
Dark walnut
Tint color example Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate
Tint color example Wenge

Ready-made solutions

  • Кровать "Карина" двуспальная с мягкими вставками
  • Двуспальная кровать "Карина" с тумбочками
  • Кровать с подъёмным механизмом "Карина" с тумбочками
  • Кровать Карина и шкаф-купе Ветриано с зеркалами

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