Furniture company Art-NIKO Ukraine, Kharkiv

Need stylish
and quality furniture?

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Production of the company "Art-NIKO"

If you

  • Take care of the uniqueness of your home
  • Create luxurious and comfortable solutions
  • Choose life with style

We will take care of your rest and luxury lifestyle.

Choosing our company you get:

  • 1 Naturalness and environmental friendliness of natural materials
  • 2 Quality Certified Findings
  • 3 Stylish and beautiful interior with excellent furniture

And the most important…

  • 4 Full quality rest in your favorite home


The history of the company began with a small workshop in 1992, where the desire to create something unique and reverent love for natural wood became the main engine for growth and self-improvement. The lack of experience was more than overlapped by high efficiency and determination.

The factory changed not only its location, but also its attitude to the production of products. The simple skills of handicraft manufacturing of products over time retained in themselves only love and respect for the priceless material - wood and the ways of its unique manual processing. Otherwise, more than 20 years of factory experience has undergone many changes, from equipment to work specifics and the latest technologies.

Today it is a dynamically developing enterprise with new lines of modern equipment and proven technologies. We have come a long way from creating simple models to modern furniture with sophisticated processing. The production of simple models of extras, first produced in dozens, and then hundreds per month, as if by a stamp, has grown into the creation of exclusive products for the client and the individual style of an expensive hotel.

Design defines history and preserves it.

The aim of our work is to create a better world from the little things that transform your comfort and take care of your rest.

  • Woodworking machine in the workshop of the furniture factory Art-NIKO
  • Main workshop of the furniture factory Art-NIKO
  • Auxiliary photo
  • Team photo of the furniture company Art-NIKO in the workshop

Advantages of our Company

  • Furniture symbol - illustration

    Participation in furniture exhibitions and monitoring the latest design trends determine our priorities in creation of new models.

  • Quality Symbol  - illustration

    Quality is one key point of our value and guarantee of the respectable name of our company.

  • Symbol of reliability of furniture company Art-NIKO - illustration

    Strict quality examination and tight control at each stage of production determines compliance with the declared standards.

  • Convenience Symbol - Illustration

    We make our furniture so that is comfortable for you!


The skills of the artisans inspire designers so that in the machine industry they can largely replace manual work and lead to product excellence.

Our company monitors the results of world famous exhibitions and takes part in exhibitions. We are exploring new opportunities, drawing on the best practices of our foreign colleagues. We update production facilities, use equipment for sophisticated gourmet furniture makers. The company is constantly improving technological processes according to global standards and checking raw materials for compliance with the highest quality standards.

Our factory directs all its efforts to impeccable technology, the creation of a full-fledged team work, which ensure perfect quality and the longest possible life of the furniture. We are responsible for the reliable assembly of products and the connection of parts in the structure.

A skillful combination of tradition and innovation, the best raw materials and proven technologies in the hands of highly professional masters guarantee you undeniable quality. Strict quality examination and tight control at each stage of production determines compliance with the declared standards. The result of the selection of high-quality raw materials, neat assembly, and aesthetics of design allow the products of our factory to present their products in private luxury housing and 4-5 star hotels.

  • Close-up woodworking machine in the workshop of the furniture factory Art-NIKO
  • Close-up woodworking machine 2 in the workshop of the furniture factory Art-NIKO
  • Auxiliary photo
  • Close-up woodworking machine 3 in the workshop of the furniture factory Art-NIKO

ART NIKO in figures

  • 25 years of successful experience
  • >50 professional employees
  • 3000 m² of modern technological production
  • 100 000 + satisfied customers

Our Team

Man is designed so that when something kindles his soul, everything becomes possible!

La Fontaine

To make your interior comfortable, every day a whole team of professionals works on our projects. Before making furniture, we create specialists - people who love their work and put love into their creation.

The reputation of the company depends on the quality of the products. Proven materials and fittings are only half the component of any product. Equipment helps speed up processes and production accuracy. Nevertheless, the main value of any enterprise is always people, on whom it depends on how sharply and accurately the work will be done.

Secrets of the craft preserved and invested in the foundation of an industrial enterprise. The knowledge accumulated over the years and gathered in technological processes. Well-coordinated team, selected over the years and a creative approach to solving any problem - all this ensures the stable operation of the enterprise and the creation of truly worthy products.

The result of the work of our masters is the creation of unique details and the interpretation of forms that create the eternal beauty and unprecedented charm of your home, inspire you to create a luxurious style and beautiful life.

  • Employees of the furniture factory Art-NIKO at work on a woodworking machine in the workshop
  • An employee of the furniture company Art NIKO  polishing the headboard of a double bed
  • Auxiliary photo
  • Employee of the furniture factory Art-NIKO operating cutting machine in the workshop

Our Certificates and documents

  • Hettich Holding GmbH Certificate Julius Blum GmbH Certificate
  • Certificate of participation in the Design Living Tendency exhibition in 2012 Quality Certificate of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise
  • Certificate of participation in the Design Living Tendency exhibition in 2016 Certificate of the Branch National Leader


No matter what world you live in, it matters what world lives in you!

The company "Art-NIKO" is expert in creating an elegant space. We believe that modern interior design reflects the individuality of its owner.

While the purpose and function of the furniture remains standard, the design is inspiring and appears of a real point of exclusivity. Therefore, the factory combines its own original design with custom finishes, creating exclusively your unique code and expression of personal style.

Of all the natural materials that the earth gives us, wood is the warmest and friendliest. The philosophy of our company is to create Beauty and Comfort in your House, and the tree is the best match for this.

We use the tree carefully and respectfully, thereby contributing to the preservation of this greatest source on earth.

The beautiful interior reflects the delicate taste of its owners. Simplicity and lightness of the atmosphere, emphasized by convenience, creates attractiveness and adds sophistication to your home.

Let your home be exactly the one you dream! Inspires to create a luxurious style and a beautiful life.