Furniture for the dining and living rooms

For your dining and living rooms - only a festive atmosphere

Elegant aristocracy distinguishes furniture for the dining and living rooms from Art Niko. Thanks to natural materials, namely oak, ash, other hardwood and alder trees, all headset products are characterized by high operational properties. The package includes a number of furniture items, including a sliding table and a coffee table, a chest of drawers, a mirror, two types of chairs and armchairs, a console, and a slide consisting of two pencil cases and a TV stand. In the creation of the design of the dining room group lies the concept of mixing styles, which are characterized by dynamism, splendor, bourgeoisies.

We have dining furniture necessary for every home. It includes a dresser, tables and chairs.

You can also buy furniture for the living room. This part of the house should be convenient, comfortable, beautiful and cozy, so you need to select furniture in the living room carefully. Our living room furniture made of wood includes a decorative mirror, slide, armchairs, coffee tables and a console.

Furniture of Art-Niko factory for dining and living rooms meets all eco-standards, thanks to its natural materials always looks more aesthetically pleasing in any design.