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The best furniture solutions for the hotel business

We have something to offer hotels of various categories of stars. Art-Niko factory has repeatedly carried out orders for the design of rooms and apartments with furniture sets of diverse stylistic directions. At the same time, considerable attention paid to the development of design and bedding. Excellent double and single samples already decorate hotel interiors in various cities of Ukraine. Vivid examples of seasoned style and true comfort were models from the Verona, Carolina, Raffaella, Voyage series.

Bed in a hotel room City Holiday Resort; Spa in Kiev – produce by Art-Niko factory.

Soft headboards of some products and wooden ones of others, painted in light or dark colors, create their own unique image and style, each attractive in its own way. Massive of ash, oak, alder, used to create a bed of a representative class, with a fleet of restrained pretentiousness, unobtrusively emphasize the level of the institution, in which they respect their guests with respect and care. The production of beds for hotels is a very interesting and unforgettable experience, which every year helps us in the implementation of interesting ideas and ideas.

Basic bed requirements for a hotel

  • High wear resistance. Strength of the frame, presence of additional stiffening ribs, strong legs contribute to increase operational life of the bed, saving the cost of its maintenance.
  • High-quality fittings with high load capacity. Screws, connectors, angles are invisible basis of entire bed structure, creating reliable and stable mounts.
  • Ergonomic solid mattress. Springs and fillers of the mattress should be moderately elastic, keep in shape, which will provide the resting person with a proper position of the body and spine during sleeping.
  • Varnish coatings, enamels and tints are required to have increased resistance for the regular use of special cleaners, such as polishes, waxes or antistatic agents.
  • Upholstery is also in high demand. The durability of the upholstery depends on the characteristics of the feedstock: fiber density, method and amount of weaving of threads, dyes.
  • Environmental safety of all components of the bed for hotels: paint, wood, textile, adhesive, so that even the most sensitive allergic guests feel comfortable.

How is the price of hotel beds forms?

Кровать с высокой спинкой в гостиничном номере — производство фабрики Арт-НИКО.

Cost of manufactured beds is made up of such components as salary of employees, procurement of basic and additional materials, rental of premises, taxes, depreciation of equipment, transportation and much more. Let's talk about some of them in more detail. In the manufacture of luxury furniture, manual work is often used, requiring special skills in creating complex inlays and panel elements, and this is worth a lot. Typical models, the production of which is put on the conveyor, are cheaper, less labor costs, machine processing simplifies the production process. Cost of raw materials contribute to the pricing of the finished product. It is no secret that natural wood is more expensive than chipboard and MDF and oak massif is more valuable than pine. Luxurious design, refined decor of the head and foot, the presence of curly milling - all that gives the product a fashionable gloss, many times increases its cost. It is worth mentioning the features of the implementation of individual interior projects inherent in holiday homes and temporary residence. For example, when equipping hotels with custom-sized beds, the price can rise, because this process entails an additional expenditure of time and resources. But whatever the cost Art-Niko factory products, their quality is always on top.