White bedside table — white enamel

White bedside table

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Product Length Width Height
White bedside table 500 400 450

Production material


White bedside table consists of two compartments: the upper open section and the lower drawer with accessories. The material for manufacturing the product is veneered wood-based panel and solid oak. Design of the model is calm with a sophisticated golden decor. Such bedside tables will add an air of elegance to the interior of a hotel or a boarding house, and visitors will be presented with comfortable stay.

Tint colors

Tint color example White enamel
White enamel
Tint color example Enamel beige
Enamel beige
Tint color example Ivory
Tint color example Mahogany
Tint color example Dark alder
Dark alder
Tint color example Italian Walnut
Italian Walnut
Tint color example Dark walnut
Dark walnut
Tint color example Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate
Tint color example Wenge

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White bedside table White bedside table