Photo of pouf "Athena" from solid oak — white
Product Length Width Height
Pouf 520 405 515

Production material


The ottoman Athena is the embodiment of tenderness and skillful flirtatiousness so inherent in the beautiful half of humanity. No wonder it was the ladies who became the owners of poufs; men have other preferences in furniture. Figured czars securely fasten four sculpted legs with a skeleton. The soft seat is overtightened with an exquisite canvas. The Athena product is made of solid oak, which means it is endowed with high technical characteristics ensuring durability and practicality.

Tint colors

Tint color example White enamel
White enamel
Tint color example Enamel beige
Enamel beige
Tint color example Ivory
Tint color example Mahogany
Tint color example Dark alder
Dark alder
Tint color example Italian Walnut
Italian Walnut
Tint color example Dark walnut
Dark walnut
Tint color example Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate
Tint color example Wenge

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Athena Pouf