Completed furniture projects for hotels and pensions

Респектабельный интерьер для Shakhtar Plaza категории четыре звезды — фото

Респектабельный интерьер для Shakhtar Plaza категории четыре звезды

При подготовке к Евро-2012 в Донецке было принято решение полностью переоборудовать гостиницу "Шахтар Плаза". В конечном итоге 322 номера этого отеля оформлены ...


City Holiday Resort & Spa — отель класса люкс — фото

City Holiday Resort & Spa — отель класса люкс

Нашей компании уже приходилось сотрудничать с отелем высокого уровня, где нужно показать все достоинства натуральных материалов, обработать их таким образом, чт...


Collaboration with hotel business companies

Unique experience of cooperation with hotel business companies honed the professional skills of Art-Niko team and contributed to reaching new heights in the furniture industry. On our account, there are more than a dozen developed projects and creative ideas implemented in accordance with non-trivial tasks set for us. We always open to new ideas, with which, as a rule, any production process and partnership begins.

Hotel facade

Making bold decisions on the way to the goal has led to rapid increase in the qualifications of employees. The award was invaluable knowledge about the specifics of interiors in hotels and pensions. High standards of wear resistance, along with aesthetics and comfort are the main ones when choosing furniture for hotels. It is criteria that Art-Niko factory guided by creating furniture products for numerous customers.

We are thankful to our customers for the rich experience that has provided us with wonderful opportunity to carry out a large amount of work for hotel complexes in various cities. Each order is individual and not similar to the previous one, characterized by complete set, decoration and style, more interesting and fruitful is the work on it. We are very pleased to invest our contribution for arrangement of rooms, and thereby indirectly facilitate to the prosperity of tourist and business life in Ukraine.