Hotel Furniture Series

Furniture for economy class hotels

Choice of furniture depending on the category of hotel

A whole range of various factors affects reputation of hotel: professionalism and courtesy of the staff, quality of the food, and the cleanliness of the rooms. However, an important place in shaping the impressions of visitors is the design and ergonomics of the installed furniture. Regardless of the stardom of the institution, interior items must satisfy the following main requirements: meet the standards of quality, safety, have an aesthetic appearance, be functional, practical and convenient. This is a single approach for all self-respecting institutions in this field of activity. The exclusivity of hotel apartments will vary depending on the category of hotel.

Business-level hotel interiors

Business-class hotel room with furniture produced by Art-Niko factory — double bed with bedside tables

Serving business-class hotels is aimed at organizing an effective space that provides guests with the most enjoyable stay. Furniture in the rooms distinguished by its elegance and modern functionality, complemented by innovative design solutions, but without a touch of pathos chic.

Luxury furniture for hotels

Luxury hotel room with luxury furniture produced by Art NIKO — double bed with bedside tables, dressing table with chair.

Luxury suite, among other things, shows elements of luxury. Bedroom sets made from elite materials, precious woods in limited quantities with the involvement of the best manufacturers. Luxury apartments with chic double bed, designer table and sofa designed to amaze and satisfy the most demanding tastes of sophisticated persons.

Economy class furniture for hotels

Furniture of hotel rooms of economy class characterized by practical minimalism. They furnished in such a way that guests have everything they need for an optimal stay. However, since the company Art-Niko adheres to a high standard in its work, the investments and costs for the production of quality products are quite large, so our activity more focused on the production of business and elite class furniture.