Bedroom set Athena from solid oak — double bed, chest of drawers, bedside table, tinted in white

AthenaNatural wood bedroom set

Bedroom Athena - harmony of charm

Luxurious and respectable

Furniture of the Athena bedroom set creates a pronounced feeling of soft gentle whimsicality. As the morning dawn awakens the most tender feelings in soul, impresses with its sophistication and sophistication.

The natural luxury of natural materials, Italian temperament and French charm revealed in a stylish expensive bedroom interior, combining a balanced combination of bourgeois respectability and laconicism.

Elegant plasticity of lines, emphasized by soft pagination, creates a feeling of harmonious attention to detail.

Bed, like a true “queen of the bedroom”, looks aesthetically pleasing, without deliberate decorations. From her crown comes a certain airy festivity.

Interior looks like a whole, it does not dominate the person, but becomes his living space.

Material — hardwood, FGV accessories — Italy, Ferro Fiori handles — Italy.