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Swing wardrobe 2025 655 2355

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Expensive outfits require careful attitude, and the bedroom interior is not randomly scattered and hung on chairs.

Massiveness of the wardrobe from Athena bedroom suite turns into elegance thanks to the rounded facades and the elegant shape of the cornice, as well as the lightweight contour of the base and curly legs. Veneered body and natural wood, from which facades and the entire decor of the wardrobe made of, ensure its environmental friendliness and reliability.

But you need to take care not only of a respectable finish, but also of the rationality and convenience of the clothing storage system. To do this, the central section of the cabinet is reserved for hangers, and two full-fledged drawers on full extension rails supplement its lower part. Side sections are equipped with shelves. For smooth and soft closing of doors, hinges with closers are used.

Tint colors

Tint color example White enamel
White enamel
Tint color example Enamel beige
Enamel beige
Tint color example Ivory
Tint color example Mahogany
Tint color example Dark alder
Dark alder
Tint color example Italian Walnut
Italian Walnut
Tint color example Dark walnut
Dark walnut
Tint color example Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate
Tint color example Wenge

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