Bedroom sets

Relax - solid wood bedroom


Luxurious minimalism

Agatha — solid wood bedroom


Between elegance and luxury

Knyazhna — solid oak bedroom set


The noble beauty of natural materials

Karina — bedroom set


The embodiment of comfort

Sofia — solid alder bedroom set


Captivating Grace of Style

Bedrooms produced by Art-Niko Furniture Factory

Collections of our bedrooms are diverse in style and technical solution. Regardless of design and execution, brand products meet the main requirements of functionality, practicality, durability, ergonomics and comfort. From the moment of designing the model until the completion of the decoration of the bedroom, we care about the beauty of your home and a good rest in it.

Design options for bedrooms sets

Bedroom set Athena produced by the furniture company Art-NikoThe spirit of classicism, neoclassicism, art deco and baroque inspired us to create the bedrooms of Victoria, Knyazhna, Karina, Sofia, Kamelia, Athena.

Color scheme of products opens up real scope for imagination. Actual colors of tinting, effective use of patina and varnish create a stunning effect. The design of the bedrooms is an example of the elite style of the interior of living spaces, apartments, apartments and other premises.

Price of furniture depends not only on the materials used, but also on the amount of labor invested in each of them. We spend many hours on the design of models, high-quality procurement of parts, precise assembly, careful grinding and impeccable finishes.

Elite solid wood bedrooms

Elite bedroom set Camellia from the furniture brand Art-NikoElite solid wood bedrooms from the Art-Niko trademark are designed to emphasize the noble decoration of rooms with natural materials, elegant design and thoughtful comfort

Our factory follows the latest furniture fashion trends, embodying ideas in its collections. Thanks to adherence to advanced technologies, the company's products are guaranteed high quality and excellent characteristics.

All our bedrooms share the main advantages:

  • style-specific planning and design;
  • high-quality procurement of parts;
  • precise assembly with a guarantee;
  • meticulous polish and flawless finish;
  • various colors of tinting;
  • using only natural materials.

We designed natural wood bedrooms with different price categories and for personal individual needs. The main features that we laid in them are harmony, comfort and thoughtful design.