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  • The hotel room, the furniture of which produced by ART-NIKO factory — double bed, bedside table from the Voyage series
    100% comfort and relaxation
  • Hotel room in City Holliday Kiev, the furniture which produced by ART-NIKO factory — double bed, bedside table
    Luxury hotel
  • Hotel room, furniture produced by ART-NIKO —  double bed, bedside tables from the Carolina Suite series
    Elegant classic
  • Hotel room in City Holliday Kiev, the furniture of which produced by ART-NIKO — double bed, bedside tables, desk, Orion chair
    Exquisite design
  • Photo of hotel furniture from the Verona series — dressing table, beds, red drapery
    Impeccable functionality
  • Hotel room in City Holliday Kiev, furniture produced by ART-NIKO —  double bed,  bedside table, desk,  Orion chair — side view
    Aristocracy of style

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  • Did your customers enjoy staying at your guesthouse or hotel?
  • Name of your hotel sound not only on the lips of your guests, but also on their friends and acquaintances?
  • People choose your hotel as their vacation destination, not your competitors.

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What are the advantages of furniture for hotels of the "ART-NIKO" factory?

Our factory creates wear-resistant furniture at affordable prices

Many enterprises are ready to offer hotel furniture made of laminate (laminated particleboard). Of course, we also produce such furniture. After all, it has its undeniable advantages — it is the resistance of the coating to abrasion, to wet cleaning and polishing. And most importantly — the price of these products is the most economical.

We create furniture for luxury hotels from veneer and solid wood

If you need to emphasize the status of your hotel, surefire way to inform about your exclusivity to create interior using natural materials with expensive finishes. Moreover, the warm and positive energy of wood will inevitably create a special atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

We offer a variety of solutions for arranging interiors of various stylistic directions

Importantly is the interior design, its uniqueness and unique style: minimalism, classic, art-deco, etc. In addition, if your designer took care of creating a unique style of your hotel, then we are ready to translate these projects into reality.

Our products comply with standards that guarantee quality and long life

Many hours of labor of highly skilled specialists have been invested in the production of such furniture, from creating a sketch of a stylish model to precise processing, accurate fitting and high-quality grinding and original furniture decoration. As a result, our furniture is convenient to use, durable and functional.

Technologies, professional equipment and high-level specialists work for you

Many years of experience, qualified team, modern equipment, proven materials and accessories - all this guarantees the high quality of our furniture.

We always take furniture for warranty service!

Describe your situation and we will show you how to solve it with minimal cost.

Our clients

Which kind of work was done

Hotel room in City Holliday Kiev, furniture produced by factory ART-NIKO — wardrobe, desk and luggage stand

The unique experience of cooperation with companies from the hospitality industry brought the professionalism of the ART-NIKO team to a new level. On our account — more than a dozen interesting projects and well-developed options for non-trivial tasks.

Bold decisions led to the rapid growth of qualifications and the acquisition of invaluable knowledge about the specifics of interiors in hotels and pensions. High standards of wear resistance and durability along with aesthetics and comfort are the main criteria for furniture in hotels. We are grateful to our partners for their rich experience and the ability to carry out a large amount of work for hotel complexes in various cities of Ukraine. Moreover, we are very happy to make our contribution by equipping the rooms, and thereby creating a special atmosphere of comfort for visitors.

Hotel in Donetsk «Shakhtar Plaza»

Room at the Shakhtar-Plaza Hotel, the furniture of which produced by ART-NIKO factory — double bed and bedside tables Room at the Shakhtar-Plaza Hotel, furniture produced by the ART-NIKO factory —  chest of drawers with minibar and coffee table

The most interesting for us was the order of more than 300 rooms for the four-star Shakhtar-plaza hotel in Donetsk, which was re-planned for EURO 2012. The large amount of work, combined with ensuring a high level of furniture decoration, was a rich experience for the whole enterprise

Presentation of the completed project

produced variety of hotel rooms

  • Economy level or luxury;
  • Type TWIN (beds are separated) and DOUBLE (beds are moved or single double bed is installed);
  • For people with limited mobility;
  • In various configurations, finishes and quantities;
  • According to your drawings or finished design projects.

Our hotel furniture distinguishes elegant conciseness and light grace. The variety of offered tints of this furniture expands the possibilities of translating any design fantasies. The strength and durability of hotel furniture guaranteed by high-quality materials used in its manufacture, and seasoned production technology. Our furniture brings elements of comfort and harmony to the space of hotels.